Wednesday, December 5, 2012

3 for the price of 2 Mascara at Nordstrom

Mascara never goes on sale.

Which is exactly the reason why you need to mark your calendar for Nordstrom's Mascara Madness event on Saturday, May 26.

On this one day, you can get three tubes of mascara for the price of two. Any kind, any brand. Total dealio.

If you use a popular brand, like Diorshow, go to the Nordstrom counter BEFORE the sale date and ask them to do a pre-sale for you, to make sure you get the kind you like.

And remember, mascara doesn't start to go bad until you open it, so even if you through mascara slowly it's still a totally smokin' bargain.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Late to the Party on this One

I lost my favorite pair of tweezers. For a few weeks I've been hoping for them to turn up. But you cannot wait for missing tweezers...if you get my drift. I'd had the same pair for 10 years and never thought I'd find another pair as good.

But since I had to buy another pair before the chin hairs got really out of control I went with everyone's old reliable: the Tweezerman Tweezers.

Okay. WOW.

Now I know what the fuss is all about.

These things are amazing. They grab the hair perfectly, have a great grip at the tip, and don't break the hair off.

So, I know I'm late to party, but these have by far become my new favorite pair. Go get 'em if you're in need of some pluckage. Or just better pluckage.

Tweezerman Professional Tweezers - Slant tip

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm Now Kevin's Girl

Kevin Murphy's Luxury Wash ($28) amd Hydrate-Me Rinse ($28).
I recently got my hair cut and since just prior to my appointment I'd made a big mistake on some great-smelling but super nasty shampoo, I decided I would go back to a true salon brand and buy something from my stylist.
She told me this combo of Kevin Murphy's Luxury Wash and Hydrate-Me Rinse would be best for my dry and coarse hair.

She was so right. I'm so in LOVE with this shampoo combo. Kevin is Australian, so really, what's not to love?  After weeks of using this stuff, I still get excited to wash my hair.

The shampoo is thick, works into a great lather, is totally softening and moisturizing, and is so concentrated you only have to use a little. I really mean that, you don't have to use much. It's great for my colored (and coarsely gray) hair.

And then, the conditioner is even better. It's super thick, smells divine, and makes my hair really soft and reflectively shiny. Again, it's true when I say you don't have to use very much because this stuff is ultra concentrated. Even though it's thick, it's not heavy, and I can still go a day or two between hair washings, no problem.

Hands down, this is the best shampoo/conditioner I've ever used. I love it. Kevin Murphy? Consider me yours.

As you know, I'm a sucker for packaging and I love the square bottles too. Just sayin'.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December 2011 Birch Box Video

Hey Peeps. How the heck is it already 2012? I can't believe it.

2011 went out with a bang! Birch Box-wise, that is. I got the best one in a while for my December edition.

Three reasons to watch this video:
1) I accidentally inhale the perfume sample.
2) I share Molly's best-red-on-the-planet nail polish color.
3) Our Christmas cards in are focus, but I am slightly not. (Yay photography skills!)


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Speed Up, Freshen Up, Clean Up - Get more life outta your stuff

Since it's a officially the new year I thought I'd share a few mini-revamps for some commonly used beauty things. They'll save you some dough, and speed up, freshen up and clean up some of the things you use every day.

Think of it as a New Year's Resolution that takes less than five minutes.

1. More Power for Your Blow Dryer
Have you ever noticed how your blow dryer loses power over time? My normally tornado-like blow dryer had gotten kinda weak. I remembered seeing something on the packaging (that I threw away) about cleaning the lint trap, but I'd never done it. Turns out it's super easy to get rid of the linty buildup on your blow dryer. For most blow dryers, just unscrew the air intake cap. Then, rinse the cap in the opposite direction of the air intake to rinse away the lint & dust.

This made a MAJOR difference in the power of my blow dryer. The volume of air coming out is much more intense and I feel like it's new again. Your blow dryer should be able to blow your wet hair around fiercely. If it doesn't, check your lint cap and see if it needs to be cleaned. If it's still weak, by a new one because you're wasting your time with a wimpy blow dryer.

Bottom line: Don't waste time with a wimpy dryer. Check the lint trap and see if you get more pep. If not, toss it.

2. Old Polishes New Again

Gunky polish is nasty. Plus, it doesn't go on easily, clumps up, and shows brushstrokes. What you DON'T want to do add nail polish remover into your polish. While it may help the problem temporarily, it will eventually accentuate the gunk problem. You want to use nail polish thinner. I bought a bottle of this stuff 4 or 5 years ago and STILL have it. It lasts forever, and just a few drops will make your polish last until it's gone.

Bottom line: Go spend $3 on thinner and get tons more use from your $9 bottles of polish. AND NEVER use remover to thin your polish.

3. When Was the Last Time You Cleaned Your Brushes?
Oh, what's that? You've never cleaned your makeup brushes? Now's your time. Use baby shampoo, it's the gentlest of formulas and will keep your brushes from drying out. Wet your brushes, add a few drops of shampoo and work into a lather. This is actually kind of fun as you watch the colors wash down the sink. [Personally, I do not like the alcohol brush-cleaning sprays. While they may keep your brushes from becoming a petri dish for bacteria, it seems like they make the bristles dry and feeling crispy after extended use.]

Oh, and don't use hand soap (Ahem, experience speaks here...). Baby shampoo is really mild and rinses well. Dry your brushes flat, since you don't want excess moisture to seep through into the barrel. It's recommended to clean your brushes once a week, but if you ask me, you're in good shape if you do this once a month.

Bottom line: Clean brushes equals clean skin.

These small fixes will continually extend the life of some of your day-to-day faves. Give them a shot!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Don't Feed the Hand Models

I recently had my first hand-modeling gig. I'm adding it to my resume. Really.

As any model will tell you, modeling is hard work.

The world's best sock company, Solemate Socks was my first gig. And believe me, these people are world class. 

Here's a play-by-play of a day evening in the life a hand-model:

6:00 - Arrive at studio (cute house in NE Portland. Looks very homey).
6:15 - Eat pizza and play with one of the cutest babies I'll ever meet.
6:30 - Put on coziest socks on the planet and get in place (Hm, I have several pairs of these socks!).
6:35 - Lighting director and prop master arrange the set. Cute baby occassional complicates this.
6:40 - Take direction from both photo director (husband/dad/bicyclist/lighting director) and creative director (wife/mom/marketer-extraordinaire/prop master). Both two of the most creative people I know.
6:41 - 7:30 Do continual ab crunches as my hands are photographed wrapping around my feet to capture the bottoms of the best socks ever. Is this what exercise feels like? 
8:00 - Mission complete! Six-pack abs, check! New socks, check!

This handmodeling thing is awesome. Why did I bother going to college?

In a roundabout (really roundabout...) way, this brings me to this great set of nail polishes from Sephora by OPI. Several mini-bottles of nail polish - perfect for trying lots of different shades.

One of the best shades is Don't Feed the Hand Models. It's an opaque pink beige, pictured far right. The others are my favorites from the set.

Metro Chic, Let's Do Lunch, Keep Me On My Mistletoes, and Don't Feed the Hand Models

I also love Metro Chic, above. Lots of compliments on this. Look, I'm hand modeling again!

So, now you know a hand model. If you'd like to hire me for a gig, please note: you should feed this hand model. She likes pizza, or just a handful of wheat thins will do.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mascara Survey - I'll Share the Results

Makeup lovers and makeup minimalists seem to always have one thing in common: Mascara. Whether it's one of 15 things you put on, or the only thing, chances are it's a don't-go-without kind of item.

Since it's a frequent topic of conversation, I thought I'd take a quick survey on what's important to people, what their favorite brands are, and how much they're willing to spend.

Would love your thoughts!
In a couple of weeks I'll write a post with the results...stay tuned!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Birch Box November & a cute pair of earrings.

Better late than never with a Birch Box video, which includes a great smelling perfume. Also, I shared my $4.80 earrings from Forever 21 that I LOVE.

Here are the earrrings I talked about: Forever 21 - $4.80.  Seriously, what can you buy for less than $5 these days?

Just looking at these gets me excited for the holiday parties. It's not too soon for bubbly, is it?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ten Gift & Stocking Ideas Under $20

Tis the Season! On the eve of black Friday, here are a few ideas for some fun stocking stuffers, all under $20. Whether you're buying for a friend, your sister-in-law, or your mom, here are a few ideas as you prep for the holidays. Or, combine all these into a cute gift basket for a fun (and dare I say it, practical) gift!

1. Nail files - Less than a buck.
People never buy new ones on their own and they get grody fast. Plus, they are cheap. Here are the ones I like from Sally's. Pair it with a polish for a cute token of affection.

2. Mini champagne bottles - $5 - $10
Cost Plus has a great selection of small bottles that you can mix n match. For anyone who loves bubbly this is a treat. Plus, these mini bottles are easy to sneak into the movie theatre (or?), if one ever wanted to do that. Go check out Cost Plus. I could wander in that store for hours...

3. MAC Makeup Wipes -$19
I guarantee that whomever you give these to will LOVE them. They smell divine and work perfectly to melt makeup. To me they are the one and only makeup wipe. Find 'em here.

4. Emerald or Coral Earrings - $15 - $18
These are so pretty. So classy. Somehow they feel sort of Jackie O-ish. A steal for $18. Get the emerald or coral online before they're gone.

5. Magazine subscription - About $12.
The gift that keeps on giving...requires virtually no effort and is such a treat.

6. Sharpie Pens of All Kinds - $3 - $10
I don't think I'm alone in loving Sharpies. In fact, I know I'm not because my Sharpies always seem to disappear. Buy a couple of fun colors in a set or just get different sizes. Very handy. Pair it with a set of notecards if you're feeling saucy.

7. Personalized Compact Mirror - $15
Wouldn't it be great to whip this out when someone tells you you have something in our teeth? Rather than keep asking, is it gone? It's engravable too.

8. Pop Rocks - $1
Kids of any age love these. I recently saw these at a discount store and I'm kicking myself for not buying, like, 10 packages.

9. This dotted Hobnail Tumbler - $10
Probably the most inexpensive thing you'll find at Anthropology (I often feel like I'll need to sell a kidney to buy a dress there). But there are so many uses for this adorable glass gem. Q-tips, makeup brushes, candy, toothbrushes, flowers, take your pick. You can find it online here too.

10. Over-the-knee socks - $2.50
Personally, I've been shopping everywhere and finally found these adorable feet at Forever 21 of all places. The had tan, orange, blue and pink at my store. Looks like there are lots of other choices online. Super cute sticking out of the top of your boots. Adorbs.

Happy shopping!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Five Dollar Falsies - Ok in a pinch

I wouldn't call it a crisis, but I was headed to an event and needed a new mascara because the one I had been using was all dried out. I'd been wanting to try the Maybelline Falsies because I've been seeing it a lot. Lots of mascaras are coming out with a "fake lashes" version.

Maybelline Falsies Black Drama

I wanted to try Maybelline because they're the ones that make the famous green and pink tube mascara that so many people love. Target was on the way, so I popped in to grab it. Amazingly, it was the only thing I bought. I tend to go to Target for one thing, and leave with $200 of things that looked cute, seemed fun, or that I only semi-needed. Target sucks me in! Anyway, today I held strong and walked out with just mascara.

I put it on in the car, and while I wouldn't say it gave me a false lashes look (nearly impossible with my stubbies), but I was probably worth the $5.85 I paid for it. The brush has soft bristles that point in all directions, which helps it go on well and coat the lashes, but the second coat did start to clump together a little bit. It has really good volume and decent length. If you had an eyelash comb it'd probably be even better. After five or so hours it did start to run though. Not bad for a cheapie mascara and definitely okay in a pinch., if I can get outta Target for $5 ever again...
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