Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December 2011 Birch Box Video

Hey Peeps. How the heck is it already 2012? I can't believe it.

2011 went out with a bang! Birch Box-wise, that is. I got the best one in a while for my December edition.

Three reasons to watch this video:
1) I accidentally inhale the perfume sample.
2) I share Molly's best-red-on-the-planet nail polish color.
3) Our Christmas cards in are focus, but I am slightly not. (Yay photography skills!)



  1. I spy our Christmas card! :)

    LOVE your vlogs! And you are really tempting me to try Birch Box! You get a lot of super cute things to try. I'm interested to see how that eye liner works. Mine always smudges & looks awful by mid day. Let me know how you like it!

  2. Hi Jess - This was the best birch box in a while, stay tuned and see if I continue to get good stuff. Re: the eyeliner, I just put it on my hand, and I literally cannot rub it off. This stuff does not budge. They make it in black, brown, blue or gray. If you like liquid eyeliner (i've never really used on a regular basis) it might be a good one to try. P.S. Your Christmas card is adorable, it has good placement on our wall. :)


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