Thursday, December 22, 2011

Don't Feed the Hand Models

I recently had my first hand-modeling gig. I'm adding it to my resume. Really.

As any model will tell you, modeling is hard work.

The world's best sock company, Solemate Socks was my first gig. And believe me, these people are world class. 

Here's a play-by-play of a day evening in the life a hand-model:

6:00 - Arrive at studio (cute house in NE Portland. Looks very homey).
6:15 - Eat pizza and play with one of the cutest babies I'll ever meet.
6:30 - Put on coziest socks on the planet and get in place (Hm, I have several pairs of these socks!).
6:35 - Lighting director and prop master arrange the set. Cute baby occassional complicates this.
6:40 - Take direction from both photo director (husband/dad/bicyclist/lighting director) and creative director (wife/mom/marketer-extraordinaire/prop master). Both two of the most creative people I know.
6:41 - 7:30 Do continual ab crunches as my hands are photographed wrapping around my feet to capture the bottoms of the best socks ever. Is this what exercise feels like? 
8:00 - Mission complete! Six-pack abs, check! New socks, check!

This handmodeling thing is awesome. Why did I bother going to college?

In a roundabout (really roundabout...) way, this brings me to this great set of nail polishes from Sephora by OPI. Several mini-bottles of nail polish - perfect for trying lots of different shades.

One of the best shades is Don't Feed the Hand Models. It's an opaque pink beige, pictured far right. The others are my favorites from the set.

Metro Chic, Let's Do Lunch, Keep Me On My Mistletoes, and Don't Feed the Hand Models

I also love Metro Chic, above. Lots of compliments on this. Look, I'm hand modeling again!

So, now you know a hand model. If you'd like to hire me for a gig, please note: you should feed this hand model. She likes pizza, or just a handful of wheat thins will do.

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  1. Ugggh thank you! I was looking EVERYWHERE for the name of this set. I wish I had NOT thrown the dang box away.

    THANKS! I love Metro Chic, I am wearing it now. Hehe


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